Louski The Antidote

Louski The Antidote is a producer from the Bay Area, Santa Rosa, CA.  Louski began making beats in the early 2000's working with Reason and Fruity Loops (now FL Studio)  During the summer of 2005, Louski broke his leg while landing a tantrum, a heel-side backflip on a wakeboard.  This laid him up on a required several month long recovery period that allowed plenty of time to hone his production craft, and become skilled using his software of choice.  As they both continued to develop their music, Louski The Antidote co-founded Livin A Dream Records with brother, Banski, in 2006 based in Santa Rosa, CA.  Louski went on to fully produced Banski's first studio album, 'Said N' Done' released in 2010, and subsequently 'Dream Nation' in 2013, 'Rhythm of the Son' in 2017, and has independently released numerous instrumental albums since.  Louski The Antidote continues to release new music, albums, and collaborations.   He currently resides in Pittsburg, CA.